4 Best Wedding Themes of the Year That Might Surprise You

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options open to you for choosing your wedding theme; luckily Charlotte Ricard of bespoke wedding and events planning service, La Fête, is here to help as she reveals the best wedding themes of this year.

Best Wedding Theme #1: Something Blue

4 Best Wedding Themes of the Year That Might Surprise You Gay Wedding Guide
Shoot by La Fête, Images by Peter Rear at Filmatography

Spring and summer are nature’s celebration of life and colour, and there is no better place to find inspiration for your big day,

“I encourage couples to incorporate as much colour as they’re comfortable with, whether through their flowers, cake, bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, jewellery or overall decor.”


The old saying of something blue works particularly well for this colour-fuelled trend.

Blue has several advantages. Not only are there endless shades to combine, but it’s also extremely complimentary to warmer colours. It can work for a modern ceremony just as well as for a more traditional, vintage-inspired wedding.

“Make sure to adapt your choice of blue tones to the season”

“Dominant, darker blues with lighter accents in autumn-winter and lighter blues with darker accents for spring-summer.”


Best Wedding Theme #2: Midsummer Circus

4 Best Wedding Themes of the Year That Might Surprise You Gay Wedding Guide
Shoot by La Fête, Images by Roberta Facchini Photography

Since the release of The Greatest Showman, circus fever is still alive and well in the wedding industry.

“My take on this trend is a deliciously sweet and magical celebration, topped with a good dose of whimsy.”


Pinks and creams form the basis of the palette of choice, but this can be altered to suit the personal style and preferences of a couple.

“Don’t hesitate to be playful on your wedding day,”

“In the past year, I’ve seen more and more couples incorporate fun touches.”


This fun can be found through photo props, carnival rides, food and drink choices, games or live entertainment.

“I’ve even seen unicorns,”


Best Wedding Theme #3: Destination Desert

4 Best Wedding Themes of the Year That Might Surprise You Gay Wedding Guide
Shoot by La Fête, Images by Roberta Facchini Photography

Destination weddings will always be a popular choice year-on-year.

However, there is a growing number of couples choosing to marry in the desert.

A true blank canvas, you can actually choose any theme for this one-of-a-kind venue.

And Morocco is a popular destination for scenery that inspires literature, scents that make the belly rumble and a culture of hospitality.

In order to maximise your surroundings and still feel like your wedding is as luxurious as can be, Charlotte recommends combining traditional materials, shapes and aesthetics with modern details and metallic accents.

“Don’t shy away from colour,”


Crimsons, pinks, and blues will contrast beautifully with the sand, but do balance it with neutral shades in order to avoid looking over the top.

“Be sure to factor in time for stunning sunset photographs. Capture magical light and breathtaking views for a big day that can be extended to a honeymoon.”


Best Wedding Theme #4: Modern Christmas

4 Best Wedding Themes of the Year That Might Surprise You Gay Wedding Guide
Shoot by La Fête, Images by Anneli Marinovich Photography

The theme of a winter wedding brings to mind silvered decorations, cosiness and deep, jewel-like tones throughout.

“A festive wedding doesn’t automatically translate as a tinsel-filled party with mince pies and a turkey,”


Instead, incorporate all the aspects that made the season magical as a child.

“Mitten shaped place cards, plenty of faux furs, a wooden sledge photo opportunity and a gingerbread house cake.”

Hot chocolate can even be presented like a decadent cocktail.

“In regards to colour, I recommend traditional festive tones but incorporated as touches,”


These could be flowers, foliage, and serviettes, all complemented with metallic accents.

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