Engagement Shoots – Four Reasons Why To Have One

Engagement shoots are on the up, and for good reason. We caught up with Paola De Paola, who specialises in gay and lesbian engagement and wedding photography to find out why.

It gives a more rounded telling of your story and relationship
“To tell real love stories through a series of photographs is an honour, so it’s important I do a good job. I can’t speak for every photographer because they’re all different, which is wonderful, but for me, engagement shoots are the key to painting that overall picture of a couple because it gives you a window to get to know them in a more relaxed environment and helps them feel more comfortable about being photographed.”
alex audrey jump lesbian engagement photos lesbian wedding photographer copyright paola de paola via the gay wedding guide - Engagement Shoots - Four Reasons Why To Have One - Gay Wedding Guide

“I was working with a French couple, one of them, a man, was playing a violin which was given to him by his great- great grandfather and that meant a lot as it resulted in the two of them meeting, So the violin was a symbol for how their story started. We had an engagement shoot in borough market because at lunchtime they used to spend time there when they were working together.”

They helps you build trust and feel relaxed around your photographer’s camera

“I personally believe that every couple should enjoy a full and bespoke wedding photography experience; engagement shoots allow me time with them first because, for me, the only way to truly record the atmosphere and love at a wedding is to get to know the couple beforehand. For them, it means that they’ll get truer photos of themselves, and it’s those kinds of photos which they’ll cherish forever. I never simply take pictures at a couple’s wedding, I build lasting friendships with the couple themselves. Trust is the key in order for them to show the beauty of their love.”
london bridge gay engagement photos copyright paola de paola via the gay wedding guide - Engagement Shoots - Four Reasons Why To Have One - Gay Wedding Guide

It Will Give You a Chance to Reconnect

With every wedding, comes a flurry of to do lists and organisational dilemmas and before you know it, romance is forgotten and all you seem to talk about is planning. An engagement shoot helps you reconnect with each other, remember what brought you together and what made you realise you’d found ‘the one’. And, because an engagement shoot is all about you, it makes you feel special again. Something which your diary planner or Siri, can rarely achieve.
alex audrey lesbian engagement photos lesbian wedding photographer copyright paola de paola via the gay wedding guide - Engagement Shoots - Four Reasons Why To Have One - Gay Wedding Guide

It’s the Perfect Practice Run

See your engagement shoot as a practice for your wedding day. You can even tie it in with any grooming or hair and makeup trials you’re planning, and, depending on the type of wedding photogtaphy you are after, it will help you understand how much time you’ll need to set aside for photographs on your big day.

Get Details

Paola de Paola is an experienced wedding photograph who specialises in same-sex weddings and engagement shoots. Take a look at more of her work, or contact her direct.

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