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If you’re looking for a videographer who can genuinely document your love story and capture the spine-tingling moments that sum up your relationship, take a look at Denee Motion Boutique Wedding Films & Stills. They take their wedding assignments seriously documenting weddings in non-traditional and an extremely unobtrusive way, with magical results. They first caught our attention when we saw their video of Andreia and Veronica.

How did you meet Andreia and Veronica?

Andreia and Veronica found one of our destination weddings videos on Vimeo and fell in love with our work instantly. Hence, they already knew what to expect and everyone was super hyped about it. We were privileged to be working with them and remained friends afterwards.

Did they give you a brief to tell their love story?

No, the idea to film their love story came on the day as we got to know each other better. We filmed it the day after the wedding.

How do you go about achieving a story-telling shoot?

Firstly, we had to find a place where we could film Andreia & Veronica without being interrupted by outside noises. Naturally, we chose the wedding venue premises as it was a perfect still weather in the forest. Then we just asked them several questions and went from there. We knew we had to get the girls to open up and tell their true story. We wanted them to feel comfortable talking to us, like they weren’t doing an on-camera interview. In the end it took about twenty minutes to film it.

What’s the process for working out the locations for filming the narration and other non-wedding day edits?

We usually work around a wedding venue or if we have time, we go for location scouting where we choose two-three locations beforehand. Natural light is essential for us, so we prefer filming the narrations outside. Hence it is a very popular option in Italy, France, LA and Dubai, where we film frequently.

How do you decide which clips make the final cut?

Deciding which clips will make it is a very tough task, but we have to be short and relevant. We choose many clips from the whole footage so that we can have seven-eight minutes video which we then cut down to three minutes.

What made you put the narration as an overlay rather than music (far prefer the narration overlay, by the way)?

We usually use either a speech for our trailers or a short interview, as in Andreia & Veronica’s case, instead of music, as it feels more personal.

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