Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours

Finding the right wedding favours can be tricky. Do you go scrumptious and edible or quirky and useful? Here are our suggestions for the top 20 coolest wedding favours…

Gold Wedding Tats

These super-kitsch golden temporary tattoos are genius. Give them to your guests to wear with pride.

Temporary tattoos by Tats4Now on Etsy, £14.48+

2 Future Mrs Cheers Bitches tattoos £5.50+ by Tats 4 Now on Etsy

Perfect Blends

Customised bags of coffee or test-tubes of different flavoured tea – whatever your preference, give your guests your perfect blend.

Tea in a Test Tube tea in a test tube by Melysweddings on Etsy, £1.70

Customised Lined Coffee Bags by ToGoFavors on Etsy, £14.48+

A Jar of Kisses

Who doesn’t love a meringue. These mini Kilner-style jars containing five coloured meringue kisses are bound to be a hit! By Marvellous Meringues on Etsy. Five jars containing five kisses £15.00

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Champagne Minis

In case they need more champagne, gift your guests with some miniature bottles of champagne – you could even personalise the label. Image via Pinterest.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Your Song on Vinyl

If you want your guests to never forget about your big day, give them your wedding soundtrack recorded in a vintage vinyl CD to take back home. By Vintage Vinyl CDs via Etsy; 50 x for £308.88+.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

In sickness and in health

If your guests are party-animals, they are surely going to need a hangover kit! Either buy one pre-packed or order the bags to make your own.

Pre-Packed Hangover kit bag by Honey Clementine on Etsy. £7.52+

Hangover kit bag by Sweet Thymes on Etsy. 10 empty bags for £7.72+

Children’s Party Packs

Order them pre-filled, or buy personalised bags, boxes or even mini suitcases that you can fill with your own children’s activities to suit your theme. This one is by Hens Party Bags on Etsy, one for £1.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Love Bugs

Lovebug sweets packets personalised with your names and the date of your wedding for by Liva Little Bakery on Etsy. Sweets not included, so fill with those of your choice. Six favour packets,  £5.50.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Hubble, Bubble

Cause toil and trouble with these Harry Potter themed potion bottles. Bottles come empty, and labelled with Skelegro, Gilly Water, Fire Whisky, and Felix Felicis.  Fill with your drinks of your choice. Custom labels available. By Mr Goods Emporium on Etsy, from £1.99+ each.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

’80s fun

Thank your guests with a blow-bubbling smatter of nostalgia with these deliciously fun mini bubblegum dispensers. Available in different colours from Engrave Me Favours on Etsy, £3.07.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

To a bright future!

Ideal for summer weddings, surprise everyone with a pair of personalised sunglasses to protect your guests’ eyes from the brightness of your love (and the day)! By Factory21 on Etsy;

50 pairs of sunglasses, £144.21+

Treat for dancing feet

Let guests slip into something a little more comfortable after all the dancing, by giving them a pair of comfy flip flops! By Table Treasures By Sue on Etsy, 10 pairs for £25.00.

Wedding Guests Flip Flops Wedding Favours

Stick it on

Order bespoke labels to stick on your chosen wedding favours. We like the idea of mini-bar bottles and sticky jars of local honey.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Seeds of Love

Full of symbolism these packets of wildflower seeds is a great way to give something to your guests that will always remind them of you. By Wedding in a Teacup on Etsy; 10 packets for £10.00.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Candles in a Shell

Particularly apt for beach weddings, these candles in a shell are super cheap wedding favours, and look really effective grouped together on a favour table. By Bellinspired on Etsy; £0.50 each.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Three cheers

Surely the king of kitsch keyrings, this fabulous golden pineapple bottleopener is camp and useful all at the same time. By Corknation on Etsy; 24 openers for £100.39+.

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours Gay Wedding Guide

Chocolate Hearts

Belgian chocolate hearts in white, dark, milk or strawberry chocolate, decorated with edible gold or silver leaf. Mmm. Available from SoSweetOnline on Etsy, £0.99.

Belgian Chocolate Heart Favours


These individually boxed Krispy Kremes can be personalised as your unique thank you gift. Why not hold an icebreaking table challenge – see who can eat theirs without licking their lips.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Favour Doughnuts

We’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and questions in the comments below

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