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Top 5 Wedding Themes in America

It’s often a good idea to pick a theme for your wedding;  not only can it change the whole dynamic of your wedding, but it …

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Floral Focus: Stephanotis Wedding Flowers

Delicate and fragrant, the star-shaped stephanotis flower symbolises happiness – what better message to get across on the biggest day of your life. Florist Liz Inigo Jones reveals why stephanotis has become such a popular wedding flower…

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History of the Church and Same Sex marriage

Homosexuality and religion have a complex history. Same-Sex marriage was first officially recognised in 2000 by The Netherlands, yet the conflict between the many religious/heteronormative …

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Ceremony Conundrums & Same Sex Marriage

The law may have changed, but are we any the wiser? What are the rules about church weddings, and who can conduct the service – a minister, a celebrant or a registrar? What’s the difference anyway? We find out…

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Choosing Your Gift List | Expert Advice from Prezola

Don’t know what to put on your wedding gift list? Ali Beaven – co-founder of wedding giftlist specialist Prezola, shares her top tips, to help ensure a seamless wedding gift list experience!

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How to Style a Summer Wedding

How do you style a summer wedding that brings everything that we love about summer, together? We asked two different experts to give us their tips…

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